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Analogue Synth Performance Control

Wangulator Eurorack Features

12 HP Eurorack Module

Eurorack synth performance controller

Performance Controller

£575 including delivery worldwide (and VAT within UK)
Each unit is hand crafted (including 1x desktop hand controller and 1x 12 HP Eurorack module) and can take up to 3-4 weeks to despatch
Ebonised Oak Black Wangulator Eurorack Synth Controller


Classic design providing fingertip control of CV and Trigger outputs for virtually any modular synthesiser

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Wangulator is a our new performance controller specially designed to fit under one hand and control up to five parameters simultaneously via control voltage.

Two trigger buttons are instantly available so you can get into the rhythm and control envelope generators and sequencers etc.

Designed around the Eurorack format you can control virtually any module with standard CV and trigger inputs from VCOs and VCAs to VCF cut-off, resonance or whatever takes your fancy.

Master unit in 12HP Eurorack format with 3.5mm mono jack out


Remote desktop unit made from oak and brushed aluminium


High quality 60mm & 45mm long life faders  (100,000 cycles)

Soft touch fader knobs

Outputs available:


CV x5:  +/-5v  or  0 to +5v  or  0 to +10v  on each channel

Linear / Log / Anti-Log fader curve select on each channel

Trigger x2:  +10v 10ms pulse

Built-in short circuit protection on all outputs

Runs from standard Eurorack +/-12v power

Power consumption 40mA per rail

Module depth behind panel 3cm with standard plug inserted

+/-5% tolerance on above specs

Although it costs a little bit more, we prefer to use only the best quality electronic components throughout our design, which includes Bourns potentiometers with over 100,000 life cycles.

Please note that each unit is hand built so it can take up to 3-4 weeks to despatch after ordering

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Wangulator Performance Controller
Wang Eurorack Synth Controller
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