Analogue Synth Performance Control

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Control Voltages at Your Fingertips...

 Ultimate control for your Eurorack modular synth

  5 CVs + 2 Trigger Outputs with simultaneous fingertip control

    Individually assignable output voltages and curves

      More options soon...  5U, MIDI, DAW & Arduino control!

Eurorack Synth Control

The Wangulator Performance Controller is

 a versatile CV Modulator that gives ultimate

  control for your modular synthesiser.

   Five high quality fingertip faders are fully

    patchable to any inputs on your modular synth,

     giving five simultaneous CVs  -  all with

      independently switchable voltage ranges

       and response curves.  More info...


12HP Eurorack

"Brilliant in a hot and frenetic live performance situation where grabbing solid controls and dialling in many things with the flick of your fingers could change the way you approach your set"

£375 incl worldwide delivery

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